GL024 Act Now!

Tired of the same old routine day in and day out? Wish there was a way you could improve your life forever? Well now you can! Introducing SleepCo's™ brand new widget-ma-callit! Using space age technology and our patented "swell-o-vision" process, we've developed a product sure to sew the button right into your socks and make your future glad! That's a SleepCo™ guarantee! Act now, and we'll include our classic SleepCo™ aural exciter, sure to keep you and the family entertained with hours of earball refreshments. Buy American! Buy SleepCo™! Act Now!

This is a bouncy light orchestral jazz/pop track stereotypically used for 40's and 50's advertisements. It's light, fun, and kitschy, and believe it or not, incredibly challenging to produce. I spent weeks steeping my ears in the work of Les Baxter, Heinz Kiessling, Leroy Anderson, and Laurie Johnson in order to learn the ins and outs of kitsch string arrangement/orchestration. It's pretty dense stuff for what ends up ultimately being a musical joke.

Some of the flourishes in the woodwinds might be a bit distracting depending on the context of your film/game, but they're so idiomatic I couldn't bring myself to render a version without them. If it ends up being a problem, contact me and we can work something out.

This track includes the basics. I've rendered out full versions of the track as well as split intro/loop formats, and included a stinger in case you need to edit an ending into the middle. As always, uncompressed .wav are included along with 320kbps .mp3 files.

As with all the things posted here, this is freely available for use in games and/or animation projects. It also works as a sort of demo of my style and abilities. I’m actively looking for new gigs, so if you enjoy anything here please get in touch to discuss some custom work.

I’ve provided separate intro/loop files for ease of editing. If you would like to use this free loop, please message me for attribution requirements.

GL024 Act Now! Files

GL009 Intro to Murder

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something. I’ve been working on a more epic track, but I’ve run into a few snags and it’s taking a little longer than expected. In lieu of that, I present a (non-loopable) piece I wrote as an intro to a film that was unfortunatelyabandoned before release. This is dark and ominous with violent undertones. Themes of murder, assassination, international treachery, double agents, and false identities all come to mind. Imagine a close up of drops of red ink falling onto a sheet of white paper, or black ties and socks neatly being placed into carry-on luggage by a faceless entity, and shoes that are just a little too well polished. Or, if we want to get creepy with it, a slow pan across disheveled carpeting and a tattered teddy bear slumped in the corner. Crikey!

This was written a number of years ago when these particular instruments were still pretty new to me. The character of some of the swells in the woodwinds is a little off-putting, though I’m not convinced many people would notice had I not just pointed it out. Let’s just pretend it was intentional and adds to the creepy factor ;) Production quagmires aside, I like how it came together as a composition.

No loop files are provided with this one as it’s not really a loop. I’ve provided a direct download in the event that I reach my max on Soundcloud, though. If you would like to use this royalty free track, please message me.

GL009 Intro to Murder Direct Download