I don't require subscriptions to this site. Everything in the Free Loop Project is free! However, this site costs money, music takes time to write, and I have bills to pay. If you find anything useful, or would like to encourage continued releases, please help out. Any amount is always appreciated! 

Other Ways to Support Me

Press and Media Buzz
Most of my work relies on word of mouth. These days referrals from individuals such as yourself are often more useful than big articles or advertising campaigns (although those never hurt either). You can help me by:

  1. Talking with your friends.
    It might sound funny, but simply mentioning my site or my services helps quite a bit.
  2. Linking to me.
    Link to me from your site, social media profile, or video.
    For example:
    The <a href="">royalty free music</a> in this video came from!
    Thanks to <a href="">Bryan Teoh</a> for providing music for this project.
  3. Blogging.
    Write a blog post about how you use Sleep Facing West (and link to me!)
  4. Tweeting or facebooking.
    Tell your followers about this site. If you'd like to tag me, my info is:
    @SleepFacingWest on Twitter. on Facebook.
Working on paying jobs enables me to continue adding to my collection of royalty-free music (and you know, live). You can help me by:
  1. Name Dropping.
    If you're hanging out with people who work in game development, animation, advertisements, etc, mention that you know a composer named Bryan Teoh. He's super easy to work with, versatile, professional, and reasonably priced.
  2. Giving me a referral.
    Refer a director, producer, editor, music consultant, advertising agency, or music production house to me.
  3. Hiring me!
    I produce high quality professional music. I strive to ensure I deliver tracks on time with plenty of room for edits and additional requests. I've worked in several areas and genres of music composition/sound design, and am confident I can deliver the sonic experience you need.