GL008 Cardboard Castles (Let’s Build a Fort)

I really like the way this one turned out. I’d set out to do something a little cutesy and innocent. As I was writing the initial melody, though, I started imagining a story about two best friends building a rocket ship out of cardboard and blasting off into imaginary outer space. I know the title references castles, not rockets, but alliteration makes for nicer names. Do you agree?

Initially I really wanted to establish a repeating harmonic progression and just stick with that the entire time (something that I feel works much better for this loop-type work), but once the story was set in my mind I couldn’t help but get a little dramatic. As always, it was a bit of a challenge trying to bring it back home again, but I think it works.

I’ve provided separate intro/loop files for ease of editing. If you would like to use this royalty free loop, please message me.

GL008 Cardboard Castles (Let’s Build a Fort) Files