GL023 Attention Campers! (Pipsqueak Leads the Charge)

"It's impossible!" Danny the redhead groaned. "There are too many of them, and they're too big. Even *IF* we captured their flag, we'd still need to get back to home base without getting creamed! You guys remember what happened to Walley, doncha?!"

The rest of the members of Rabbit Troop murmured in agreement. The situation was grim. Then from the center of the room squeaked a tiny but confident voice.

"Attention campers! So they outnumber us! They're bigger! They're stronger, and they have a trebuchet. They have more battle experience, and more balloons! D'you know what they don't have? They don't have speed! They don't have cunning! They don't have heart! You sit around and cry like we've already lost, but I say to hell with Wolf Troop! Lenny, you can hit any target from over 20 feet away without some stupid machine. George, you can outmaneuver any of those stupid wolves. Donny, your sneakiness has helped you steal more fruit snacks from Miss Henson than anyone else! If you all want to give up right now that's fine! All the other troops will smile and say "I told you so...Rabbit Troop sucks". Well I'm the smallest, but I'm proud to be a Rabbit, and I want to show them all what Rabbit Troop can do! I'm going to go get Walley back, I'm going to get that flag, and I'm going to win the golden feather. Rabbit Troop rules, wolf troop drools! Who's with me?!"

I felt like writing some summer camp music. I guess it's basically John Philip Sousa with a toy marching band. Not much more to say than that.

I rendered out several loops for this one since the piece changes character a few times. The preview is a self-contained piece of music, but I've tagged a drum chorus onto the end of the full loopable version which leads right back into the beginning in case you need it. Either use it in it's entirety, or edit together something that works for you using the various stems and loops I've included. Stingers are also available for abrupt endings.

As with all the things posted here, this is freely available for use in games and/or animation projects. It also works as a sort of demo of my style and abilities. I’m actively looking for new gigs, so if you enjoy anything here please get in touch to discuss some custom work.

I’ve provided separate intro/loop files for ease of editing. If you would like to use this free loop, please message me for attribution requirements.

GL023 Attention Campers! (Pipsqueak Leads the Charge) Files