Orchestral Mockup/Transcription of Hans Zimmer's Chevalier De Sangreal From The Da Vinci Code

When learning jazz improvisation, transcribing your favorite solos by ear is one of the best exercises you can do. You learn the function of every melodic fragment, how the improviser is thinking, and how you can manipulate these ideas for your own use. I've applied the same idea to music production over the years. To learn how to effectively use new software (or new orchestration/production techniques), import a track into a DAW and try to copy it. It can be laborious transcribing each note, and even more painstaking trying to copy the production, but it really is a great way to learn new orchestrational, sound design, and production techniques.

I did this transcription awhile ago after purchasing my first virtual instruments. Until that point I was limited to recording live instruments and manipulating synthesized sounds; this is a practice that is sometimes more desirable, but often takes more time than deadlines will allow. Despite the fact that this excerpt is just shy of 2.5 minutes, I learned more about breathing life into these samples than I ever could have by simply writing my own music. The original is posted below for reference.

Disclaimer:I did not write this music, nor do I claim any rights to the original music. It is not available for use. This was created as an education exercise.