GL012 And Just Like That

“Ever wish you could _______? Well now you can! It’s simple…”

This track was created for tutorial videos for the Flipboard app. They needed something that was bouncy and light without being too dramatic or imposing. The challenge was to make this track go somewhere without building it in density, melodic complexity, or rhythmic syncopation. This is the first Game Loop that I’m including a stinger with. This punchy little ditty acts as the end of the track. Simply loop the piece as long as you’d like, and when you need the piece to end, cut the track and splice in the stinger. It should work anywhere.

Here’s one of the tutorials in action!

As with all the things posted here, this is freely available for use in games and/or animation projects. It also works as a sort of demo of my style and abilities. I’m actively looking for new gigs, so if you like anything here please get in touch and we can discuss some custom work.

I’ve provided separate intro/loop files for ease of editing. If you would like to use this royalty free loop, please message me.

GL012 And Just Like That Files